about us


The Guru Learning Institute has always presented the top results. It is a unique and a sole Learning Institute where our main objective is to bring the best out of you. We provide a top quality teaching to foster your personal growth and motivate you to reach your true potential. At Guru Learning we have dedicated, trained professional, competent, compassionate and Canadian staff that ensures successful learning. We have custom tailored programs to meet your academic goals and needs. We access the students’ weaknesses and create a study program that fits their lifestyles and sharpen their knowledge to boost their progress. We focus on each individual student, to develop in them a strong love for learning while enhancing their self -confidence. Our teaching principles include:one-on-one attention, complete devotion to the students’ work and a boundless optimism that caters a possibility of creativity and ideas.

We have the best teachers who have a deep knowledge of their subject. Hence, it has a “significant impact” on students’ learning. Target help for the students, giving them an understanding of particular areas where their knowledge is weak. 


The Guru learning Institute teachers’ are the role models. They put a strong influence on the students to cherish their dreams. They are always approachable and are willing to help every student in achieving academic excellence and attaining their goals for the bright future. They possess admirable qualities to cultivate the students' talents and abilities. Our teachers empower the unique instructional techniques to bring top results of our students in a short time.

The quality of teaching of our teachers has a big impact on the achievement of students’ from poorer backgrounds of the English Language, and effective questioning and assessment are at the heart of great teaching. This involves giving enough time for the students to practice new skills and introducing learning progressively.


Our School provides a safe and conducive learning environment where the students do not hesitate to take out their weaknesses. They feel safe emotionally as the teachers and students collaborate and focus on achieving better learning. It is free from the negative behavior. The students ask questions from the teachers freely so, the teachers and students love working with each other in a motivated and positive environment. Additionally, the learning environment at the Guru Learning Institute engineered to support thinking and retention. We help our students to push their learning capacity with smart skills and strategies to pass the test in first chance with a high score.

The learning atmosphere is very congenial for language learning. Computer facilities are given to every student. To make the students fully understand the concept of language and clarify the fundamentals we built a relationship of trust in our students. Students get daily assignments to work on them. In English speaking course we have tailored a proper syllabus which includes a lot of English speaking practice, dialogue, conversation on different situation, translation and basic grammar. The students get a lot of practice on dialogues concerning to day to day needs as well as professional requirements. We encourage discussion and debates and practical training by creating a real situation and dramatizing it. The hesitation in speaking English is removed in no time. We bring the difference in the life of our students by making them fluent in speaking English. They build up their confidence level to multiple times with our unique style of language learning. We accept students at all levels from beginner to advance.