About Us

At Guru Learning Institute our main aim is to help people to improve their skills in Education. We are now one of the top tutoring service providers in Surrey and Vancouver for the south Asian communities. It has been proven consistently with high quality education and assured success. We prepare students to have enlightened future, build confidence and motivate them for better learning. We make difference in the lives of our students to have promotions in their workplace, improve grades and prosper in life. We aim to earn students enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by better learning, hard work and innovative technique.

We satisfy the needs of student up to their satisfaction and insure success We provide effective teaching and focus on students according to their needs. Our strength lies in our unique student oriented learning program, experienced and highly qualified trained professional Faculty and Prices are within your budget. We guarantee success and learning in short time .We ensure our students that we render good learning and with which they will accomplish their expectation.




Why choose the Guru Learning Institute

Why are we special?

Quality teaching: The Guru Learning Institute provides a rare learning environment to foster your personal growth and motivate you to reach your true potential. At Guru Learning we have dedicated, trained professional, competent, compassionate and Canadian staff that ensures successful learning. We have custom tailored programs to meet your academic goals and needs. The teachers access the students’ weaknesses and create a study program that fits their lifestyles and sharpens their knowledge to boost their progress. They focus on each individual student, to develop in them a strong love for learning while enhancing self -confidence. Our teaching principles include one-on-one attention, complete devotion to the students’ work and a boundless optimism that caters to a possibility of creativity and ideas. You can have a successful result in the first chance.

Abundant Study Material

Best study material with Mock tests, e-books; Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Numerous Practice Exercises and quizzes, Tutorials and regular weekly test

Small size Classes & Flexible classes

  • Enjoy interactive classroom, Only 7-8 students in the class, Flexible morning and evening shifts, Work full time or part time and pass the test.

Average fee

Very reasonable fees, classes all five days a week, Weekend classes, 3-hour session every day.

95% Results

Study materials developed by the TESOL Certified and trained teachers, Upgraded recent study material, Tutorials, provide 95% results, Students grow at least one band score in one month.

Monthly and 1, 2, 3 weeks Crash courses

  • Part-time classes all seven days a week, Flexible timings and 4 sessions of 3 hours each class. Crash courses available for one to three weeks.

Assure to double your success

  • Provide 95% results, Students grow at least one band score each module in one month.

Mock test and pre-test

Weekly in-class mock test and pre-test through the British Council to know your progress.

One on one speaking sessions

  • Provision of one on one speaking practice. Doubt removing the class, Resolve individual student problems, Personal attention

Vocabulary and pronunciation help

  • Fortuity to develop proper pronunciation, Unlimited IELTS vocabulary in classrooms.

Surrey, Vancouver, and Abbotsford

  • Three locations, Covers all lower mainland.

Surrey, Vancouver, and Abbotsford

  • Three locations, Covers all lower mainland.

Multiply your skills

Intensive score improvement,   Enhancement of all skills, Strategies to pass the test. Learn smart skills in all four modules.


How much time will I need to prepare for?

It varies from student to student. In our experience, it takes anywhere from 1 week to a month or more time to prepare for the test depending upon your level of English and your score requirement.

My English is very poor. Will I get a decent score?

At the Guru Learning Institute, we do not teach you complicated or complex grammar rules; we teach strategies that help students to understand and solve the questions with maximum speed and accuracy. We help our students to improve their English skills starting from the simple and easy lessons to motivate our students. So, if you follow the advice of your trainers, take the regular mock test and are regular,  there is no reason why you will not get a good score.

Will I get any help to improve my speaking skills? My English speaking skill is almost zero?

The Guru learning institute has an Admissions Counseling manager that can help you and our teachers to coordinate. We take a basic test of the students in the beginning to test their level. We give them one on one speaking sessions to help them open up. We boost their confidence level and they remove their English speaking hesitation in few days only. We always motivate our students and make sure that they do not give up.

What if I miss a class?

We have simultaneous batches running in the centers. You can attend your missed class in some other batch on the same day. Speak to the Center Manager to schedule it. Missing a class will be at your own risk.

What if I want to take more or repeat my classes?

Within your validity period, you can repeat your classes as many times as you want to. Please speak to the Center Manager so that he/she can schedule your repeat classes. If you want to take extra classes you have to pay for the classes.

Will I need to buy any books?

The study material for the tests and classroom practice provided by us will be more than enough. It is always good if you do some self-study. You can borrow books from the library. Moreover, we give some reading practice material for home too, depending upon the length of the course.

Can I shift my class session from morning to evening or vice versa?

  • Yes, you can. It is easy to switch between two shifts and we would communicate to you the terms and conditions in the registration form.

other Can I shift to any city in your other location?

Once you start your classes, we highly recommend you to complete your classes with the same faculty.  Our fees are the same from city to city. However, if you have to relocate to any other city that has our center, we will allow you to transfer.  If you have to relocate, you have to talk to your campus manager.

Whom do I get in touch with if I have any queries or concerns regarding the program?

All your queries will be addressed by your Center Manager. If you have any problem you can book a meeting with the CEO to solve your issue. We always welcome suggestions and take a feedback from the students for regular improvement.

How many modules do we cover regularly in the classroom?

Our teachers cover all four modules in the classrooms. We have 3 hours of the class session from Monday to Friday. We provide one on one speaking sessions and mark our students’ assignments in the writing section on a daily basis. We take a weekly mock test and discuss the progress with the students.

We have the same timings and schedule in all locations

Morning class: Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM*11 am – 2 pm

Evening class: Monday to Friday 4pm-7pm, 6pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10-2pm