CELBAN* Celban is trade mark of Red River College

We access and prepare the International nurses for CELBAN* Test and successful result in it. We have created our own material for listening, reading, writing and speaking to ensure that you get maximum practice before appearing for the test. We teach you medical vocabulary and all other language skills to meet desired goals.

CELBAN* is a four module English assessment test that is required for International nurses in Canada. It is accepted by all licensing bodies all over Canada. It is specially designed in Canada.

In this four module test in which reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities of a student are accessed individually.

The CELBAN* test is entirely from the medical background and nurses feel comfortable to take the test as it requires the test of English proficiency for medical report writing, medical vocabulary and interaction with patients for treatment. Most of the modules of the test are based on medical topics; therefore it is easier for the nurses.

We have a customized program for all English Language proficiency tests. This test is mostly taken by the students who are International professionals who want to upgrade their education or get their license in Canada. To ensure this we have created material for practice and we provide you with mock tests from time to time to evaluate your progress.

We accommodate your learning style and have flexible morning and evening sessions for classes. We help our students to learn at their own pace so that they get through in the first chance and with the best of the result.

For international nurses In B.C province CRNBC and CLPN BC has set up criteria of acceptance of registration form along with CELBAN* or IELTS result. But the same Governing body of other provinces in Canada has no prerequisite of English proficiency test before registration. They take up CELBAN or IELTS results while issuing the license of LPN and RN. The condition for NCLEX-PN test is easier than the RN test in B.C
Student who write the challenge exam in Ontario have few condition for practice in hospitals of same state for a limited period of time. Keeping in view all these condition we advice our students for pre-preparation so that they have enough time to prepare further.

The requirements of bands to pass the test are as follows:
Listening- 10
Reading- 8
Writing- 7
Speaking- 8

what is in the Listening Assessment?
1. There are five video scenarios
2. There are four audio scenarios
3. Scenarios include interactions between nurses and patients, family members and other professionals.
Time : 45 Minutes

what is in the Reading test?
1. The reading section is of two parts:
-Skimmed and scanning( 5 minutes)
- reading comprehension
There are short answer questions and multiple choice questions.
Time : 50 minutes

What is in the writing assessment test?
1 Form filling (10 mins) candidate is shown a video scenario to fill a form based on that scenario.
2. Report writing on the patient’s condition (20 minutes)
Time : 30 minutes

What is in the speaking assessment test?
1. The speaking test includes an oral interview and two role plays
2.The speaking assessment also includes an interaction interview with the examiner.
3. The candidate will be asked to answer questions to obtain information and to give instructions and offer explanations.