English Speaking


Language is a big barrier in reaching our potentials in Canadian culture. We have a specialized program to teach English speaking fluently. We work on all modules as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Special attention is given to practice speaking in a personalized atmosphere. We make it possible with the help of audio visual aids and hundreds of assignments. Students find real English language learning in our institute. English speaking becomes fun and you become fluent in a very short period. With the incoming of immigrants from South Asians countries such as India Pakistan Philippines and China where English is not the mother tongue, People find huge difficulties in finding jobs which match their professional excellence. Language is a big hurdle in their progress so in order to achieve their goals Our ESL classes play a good role.

In English speaking classes we realize the hidden potentials in our students and raise their level of academic excellence. We have designed a suitable program in which teacher and student ratio is appropriate, teachers are bilingual and success rate is 100%.

There are more than 4500 test centers all over in 165 countries. Minimum of 85 marks is the requirement for professional colleges and universities.

We satisfy the basic needs of English Language by providing abundant study materials in listening, reading, speaking and writing. A general test of English is prepared to check the level of students. We provide them worksheets to practice their reading and grammar skills. Teaching is made effective with the help of internet. The learning atmosphere is very congenial for language learning. Computer facilities are given to every student. To make the students fully understand the concept of language and clarify the fundamentals we built a relationship of trust in our students. Students get daily assignments to work on them. In English speaking course we have tailored a proper syllabus which includes lot of English speaking practice, dialogue conversation on different situation, translation and basic grammar. The students get a lot of practice on dialogues concerning needs as well as professional requirements. We to daily encourage discussion and debates and practical training is given by creating a real situations and dramatizing it. The hesitation in speaking English is removed in no time. We bring the difference in the life of our students by making them fluent in speaking English. They build up their confidence level to multiple times with our unique style of language learning. We accept students at all levels from beginner to advance.