For tutoring services we accept students from K1 to K7 who need extra help to improve their learning abilities. Our goal is to discover the abilities of children and help them to amend their grades. To realize this goal we work on individual students. We provide a personalized program. We assure better grades on their report card and guarantee to focus on their problematic areas. We try to build their strong fundamentals in basic subjects like English, Math and Science. We have set up a proper schedule for them and try our best to channelize their energy in a right manner. We have special programs to improve their grades in different subjects. They are:


In the field of English we emphasis on proper use of pronunciation, accent and grammar. We have made up a set program and assignments to help students improve their spelling skills. We have an immense material available with us to provide them assignments exactly according to the BC school education system.


In Guru Learning Institute we provide special attention to those children who need special attention in Math. We show them strategies in solving complex problems. We provide carefully designed worksheets according to the child needs and prepare a learning plan to make them easily accessible to math. Our objective is to create a basic arithmetic structure for students to progress in their future life. We teach basic fundamentals of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and fraction with the help of rules and learning becomes a fun for them.


It is necessary for children to know about the advanced world and enable them to understand the natural and social world. We make science fun to learn and use different learning techniques to make the students understand the topics clearly and vividly. Science in higher classes is given special attention by providing well designed resources and explanation so that it is clear and understandable. We motivate students to develop their interest in the field of science with the help of audio visual techniques. We have designed questionnaires to evaluate their capabilities.