It is a MICHIGAN ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT BATTERY . It is a paper based test to measure the language ability of non native speakers in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is for 3 ½ hour advanced level test of English proficiency . It has following parts:

Part 1. Written composition ( Essay writing) 30 minutes

Part 2. Listening comprehension test – 35 minutes

Part 3. Multiple choice test – 80 minutes, It contains grammar, Cloze, vocabulary and reading comprehension problems.

Part 4. Oral interview



Our instructors have been bringing a treasure of education and experience into the classrooms. Our staff is fully responsible for the quality of education and their results in their test. They provide one on one attention to maximize each student’s potential , teach them skills, tips to pass the test and give them maximum practice with mock tests. We have abundant material for test preparation and provide intensive practice to ensure successful results. It has been proven through the results of our students.