There are some points that influence job satisfaction. Firstly, many employees believe that they are satisfied with their careers since the tasks are in accordance with their passions. They think that the work that they are currently doing is aligned with their talents and they are performing well. Secondly, some employees believe that they would be satisfied with their jobs if they are paid with the expected compensation and benefits. They are being realistic that salary is also a trigger to their work performance. And lastly but not least, a lot of people believe that conductive working environment would also affect the job satisfaction.

Some people are idealistic persons and they are willing to work hard in the task that is in accordance with their talent. This kind of thought is realistic since working is not just being paid, but it should also be meaningful and satisfying. As for the compensation and benefit, it is a fact that human kinds are never satisfied with their salary and total earnings. The idea that employees would be satisfied with their jobs if they are paid high is just not realistic. Salary would only satisfy them for a certain amount of time and after that, they will ask for more. And as for the conductive working environment, it would be difficult to find the ideal environment. Every workplace has its owned unique culture and style; therefore the workers should adapt and adjust themselves to the working environment.

In conclusion, it is true that adults are spending a lot of their time at work, therefore job satisfaction is an important thing. There are several factors that contribute to job satisfaction, but some are realistic while others are just not.

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