As majority of individuals spend/spent their significant period/ important part of their life at work, job satisfaction plays a crucial rule for person’s state of mind. What elements devote towards job satisfaction? How practical is the chance of job satisfaction for all the employees? (Do not use interrogative sentences) There are many elements that contribute toward job satisfaction. This essay will support this view with the realistic examples in the following paragraphs.

Many people believe that job satisfaction plays a very important role in an individual’s life for most of the numerous reasons. First and foremost reason is that if a person is happy with the job, which means they are/ he or she is doing then an individual will be able to balance their/ his social and work life. Secondly, during the state of an emergency at work, if an employee has flexibility is flexible at work then they /he can stay for longer hours at work which will be beneficial for the company as well as for the worker too. (Avoid using he/she or his/her in essay response, instead use they or their)

On the other hand, sometimes an employee’s expectations do not/could not meet up with their company. There are many reasons behind this problem when it comes to wage satisfaction and working hours. These two factors can lead to the dissatisfaction of the workers if such expectations are not fulfilled. could not meet with their expectations To illustrate, when an employee does/ did not get enough hours and proper wage according to their work and eligibility then this problem rises up many issues. (Repetition of the aforesaid point)/ Use different ideas such as getting benefits/ incentives/ another could be promotion)

Taking everything into consideration, job satisfaction plays an important role in an individual life. (Repetition/ you wrote same sentence in BP1)/ If an employee is doing great at his or her job then it will be beneficial for employee as well as employer in many terms. However, if a worker is not satisfied at the job he is doing because an employee is not getting an equal rights at the work he was entitled to then it will cause many problems at the workplace.

 (There is no information about rights provided in Body paragraphs)/ Avoid including new details

Score: 6

  • Use better vocabulary
  • Remember to paraphrase
  • Do not repeat the same words/sentences/ideas.

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