Dear Hicham,

I hope everything is good on/by your side. As you know, we had a call conference with boss last week and I am supposed to give presentation this week. Therefore, I am writing this letter to ask you for a favour to help me out in my presentation. (Mention the purpose clearly)

I have planned to give presentation on June 10th at 12346, 93 avenue surrey in/ at my house theater room. The presentation is about our new upcoming promotion that is Kentucky plant based burgers and spicy popcorn chicken balls. Moreover, presentation will include different procedures of cooking vegan burgers and how to marinate spicy chicken. I would be discussing about the new policies for staff so that we can have control on our waste products and different ways to enhance the sale of items/ upsell the items. Hence/So, Hicham I (Capitalize “I”) need your help in setting up sound system and projector. I have bought small portable speakers that we need to fix up in the corners of wall for the good sound quality. Also, you are good at using/ in computers so please help me in fixing my computer with projector as well.

It would be great if you could come this Sunday at my home and can help me in fixing all these things. I will be waiting for your response.


Krisha S. (Use your name)

  • Write introduction properly; write purpose clearly.
  • Work on prepositions; using on/at/in..
  • Do not start a new sentence from ‘so’/ use ‘hence’/ ‘therefore’
  • Use formal tone and language only.
  • Score: 6

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