According to some parents, daycare centres give excellent care for their toddlers who still have some time for their schools to start. However, some of the working parents believe that elders of their family such as grandparents will provide best care to their children. This essay will discuss both perspectives before arguing in favour of later opinion.

According to some parents, day care centres can only provide best care for their children’s. First and foremost reason is that parents who are working for longer hours do not have to worry to/ for the take care of their children. Moreover, children’s can also play with other toddlers which is beneficial for them in many ways such as their they do not/ never get bored and can also learn to engage with other children’s. Because In other words, when infants stay at home then they do not have anyone with whom they can play.

However, according to some parents only elders of their can take best care for their children. To illustrate, it helps with children’s mental as well as health/ physical well-being. Firstly, if child stays at home then parents can work without being worried about their kids worry fearless at work if any emergency occurs at home because they know their parents can handle it easily.Secondly,grandparents can take their grandchildren’s outside of their home for different kinds of activities such as swimming and shopping. By this way, children’s ability to  learn things more quickly is will also affected/affects by doing different tasks each/ every day.

Taking everything into consideration, I personally believes that only elders can be the best mentors for their grandchildren’s because parents can work without stress and do not have to rush home for any emergency for their children as well as children are only able to go outside with their grandparents which develops their mind when they engage in different activities.

  • Child is singular, children is plural; so do not put (s) at the end of children. 
  • Review the grammatical errors.
  • Avoid errors in sentence structure.
  • Score 6

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